Our foundation has been created as an extension of the principles and values that result from the Group. Our main objective is to collaborate in integral projects, focused in the conservation of the environment, to impulse scientific and cultural initiatives, as well as to support young men and women interested in the naval sector, by encouraging students and professionals.

Each one of these actions entails an important responsibility, that we assume with great enthusiasm motivated by the energy that moves the company daily. Working as a team, sharing the effort, the goals and be witnesses of fulfilled dreams is a part of this relevant adventure.

We invite you to get to know some of the initiatives in which we participate:

Natural History Museum of Mexico City

The remodeling and amplification project of theNational Museum of History collection in Mexico City represents a valuable opportunity to generate knowledge and enhance the importance of biodiversity. 

Blue Marine Mares joined this relevant initiative that seeks to protect an invaluable legacy through the renovation of the vaults that have characterized this site since 1964. Thus, under the criterion of taking our efforts to various social, scientific and cultural areas, we strengthen ties with the Fideicomiso del Museo, promoting the dissemination of exhibitions presented inside the Oceans and Seas Room. 

Currently, almost all the vaults that are being renovated are already open to the public. What are you waiting to visit it? You will not regret it, this is our heritage. Let’s celebrate it and continue enhancing the importance of the natural wealth of Mexico.

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1 Minuto Vs. El cáncer is an active permanent camping designed to break the myths and taboos that surround this disease. This initiative of the Instituto Nacional de Cancerología (INCAN), which is also a leader in the prevention of cancer in Mexico, focuses on raising public awareness about changing their lifestyles with real information from the experts of the institute, in addition to explanations on how to prevent and know characteristics of malignant tumors. A nationwide education effort to which Fundación Blue Marine Mares has joined actively supporting the initiatives they carry out. 

This camping is an invitation to all Mexicans to take 1 minute of their time to understand more about this disease in its different forms and also, what is necessary to prevent it. Currently, 869,676 minutes donated have been added. One more achievement that makes us stronger when we work as a team for a common reason.


Last 19 August, Blue Marine Mares Foundation carried out an activity in favor of family-labor integration and protection of the environment.

This initiative was held in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, and brought together 72 members of the company and their respective families.

They were received by the staff of Palo de Tinte, who invited them to enjoy a unique and natural experience, by releasing turtles.

This event promoted integration and environmental awareness. It was complemented by a qualified biologist who explained to the audience the interesting reproductive cycle of the sea turtle and the proper way to release them into the ocean.

In addition, while the children had the opportunity to name the turtle that was given to them to release, all the participants received a personalized recognition and a remembrance detail for their valuable participation.

As a Group, we will continue to generate this kind of initiatives that encourage harmony, awareness and actions for a better environment.

The energy that moves us promotes the bonds that unite us for the improvement of the environment.


Cd. del Carmen, Campeche.


Hand by hand with Fundación Casa Wabi we have had the opportunity to focus our resources and energy in the creation of sustainable, artistic, proactive projects devised to impulse a permeant social commitment though cultural oriented programs.

This initiative, from architect Tadao-Ando, based in the state of Oaxaca has opened important expression and artistic diversity spaces in different locations around the country. Where art and energy fuse, the efforts of Blue Marine are always present.


Casa Wabi.


Under the premises of encouraging the talent of young Mexican men and women interested in the naval sector, the Foundation contributes integral scholarships for students, which have been an important support to undertake and conclude their studies in a timely and correct manner.

These scholarships have a work-oriented projection, through which the students have the opportunity to integrate themselves to the company’s different units and fully develop their capacities when finalizing their studies. A challenge that has made us very proud, that crystalizes in prominent and committed professionals.

IMPORTANT: The following selection process will be announced during the first four months of 2018.



Fidena, Veracruz.

Seas and museums

With the criteria of taking our efforts to different social scientific and cultural areas, at this time the Foundation has united with the Board of Trustees of the Natural History Museum of Mexico City. Through this project, we are promoting the proliferation of exhibitions presented at the Oceans and Seas hall in said enclosure.


Natural History Museum of
Mexico City.


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