In Blue Marine, fulfilling the goals that we set is fundamental. Consequently, the path and the processes that we undertake to reach them is of extreme importance.

For the company, the Energy Reform is a unique opportunity to perfect, diversify and make the services we offer more efficient and more competitive. We are a services and vessel company characterized by working with a first class teams and having the experience and know-how for the complete development of businesses by operating assets, associations or direct acquisitions

For the next five years, Blue Marine will focus its efforts in:

a) Reestablishing and increasing crude oil production, as well as maintaining and render services to PEMEX’s marine platforms and facilities, to increase sales, profitability and contribute to the company’s EBITDA.

b) Continue to position ourselves as an efficient, profitable, safe and quality oriented company, nationally and internationally.

c) Reinforce the competitiveness and effectiveness of our alliances to generate business opportunities and long term strategies.