Facts that you must know about the Blue Phoenix

Facts that you must know about the Blue Phoenix

This amazing boat makes possible the operation offshore, has so mucho to tell. Discover it!

1. Until very recently, we all knew the Blue Phoenix as “Crystal Ocean”.

2. It is a positioning boat (FPSO), mainly designed for production extender trials to wells.

3. It has a crew capacity of 32 experts and a crude processing capacity of 37,700 barrels per day.

4. Its powerful technology achieves extended proofs of production, reception, storage; process, capacity and fluid discharge from drilling, completion, maintenance and interventions to marine oil wells, among others.

5. It was built 19 years ago and measures 101m in length (length from bow to stern), which is equivalent to 3 1/2 professional basketball courts!

6. Blue Phoenix carries out its operations mainly at the coast of Tabasco.

7. Until June 2018, it had processed 812,000 barrels of fluids, of which 667,000 were crude oil and the rest were oily waters.

8. It also counts (sept 2012-jun 2018) a total of 302 services that gather cleaning, measurement, induction, drainage, venting, and transfer. In total 302 wells have optimized their production thanks to the intervention of this vessel.

9. To make possible its operation started in 2013, Blue Marine Oil & Gas generated a strategic alliance with Schlumberger, one of the most renown companies worldwide in the hydrocarbons industry.

10. Blue Phoenix actually is in contract with Pemex Exploration and Production for a period of almost 2 years (730 days).