Facts you should know about FPSO ships

Facts you should know about FPSO ships

You will be surprised to know the scope and engineering of these sophisticated vessels that make possible hydrocarbon processes in the open sea.

1. They have been created as a floating deposit system, which main function is to speed up and make efficient the processes in the oil field.

2. These vessels receive, process and store oil and gas (methane tankers) generated in nearby platforms.

3. Our FPSOs have been designed for extended well production tests.

4. They makes possible for the companies to produce oil in remote areas and in deep water that otherwise will be impossible to do so.

5. The Yúum K’ak Náab or The Lord of the Seas (in Mayan) is one of the largest FPSO in the world and is promoted by Blue Marine in Pemex. Imagine, its crude processing capacity is 200 thousand barrels per day!

6. Blue Phoenix (formerly Crystal Ocean) is another FPSO vessel that has been operating in Mexico since 2013.