Facts you should know about Mount Fuji

Facts you should know about Mount Fuji

Built in 2010, in China, this grand storage and unloading FSO is part of Blue Marine Oil & Gas fleet. Do you already know it well?

1. This vessel is known as FSO (Floating Storage and Offloading)

2. Its main function is the collection of supertankers, known as Yùum K’ak Naab and Ta Kun’Tah

3. Mount Fuji was built in Jingjiang, China, in 2010, and is under contract with Pemex Exploration
and Production

4. This tanker has a length or length of 274.2 m (… something like 5 Olympic pools!)
and a width or sleeve of 50 m

5. Its storage capacity is 1.09 million barrels, quantity that represents up to 40% of daily production in Mexico

6. This marine platform works offshore. However, its function is strategic because it has the capacity to reach deep into the sea in search of oil and natural gas

7. This type of units are usually connected directly to production wells