Blue Eagle, state-of-the-art engineering

This Friday, July 23, the naming and the christening ceremony of one of the Group’s most anticipated vessels will take place: Blue Eagle.

Direct from Shipyards Armon, in Asturias, Spain, everything is ready to receive Blue Eagle, a vessel created with cutting-edge technology in which 20 companies from eight different countries participated.

This ship (FPSO) combines Norwegian naval engineering, high quality assembly and Asturian artisan tradition. The state-of-the-art design was created to obtain greater profitability in the oil industry and carry out multiple operations of production, storage and unloading of crude oil.

The boat is equipped with an environmentally friendly hybrid diesel-electric propulsion system, which makes it one of a kind. Blue Eagle has an electronic system and next generation navigation equipment, and includes a class 3 dynamic positioning mechanism, the maximum level of safety in operation.