Blue Marine, a highly certified company

Blue Marine, a highly certified company

We are committed to the delivery of high quality services which are aligned to different corporate norms – nationally and internationally -. It is a priority that we reinforce every year through certifications that guarantee our performance. Know the purpose and importance of obtaining such endorsements.

What is a certification?
It is an “official recognition” that certifies the optimal performance of a company.

What is it for?
Legally assures and supports that the company accomplish the standards established in a certain area.

What does a company that has certifications projects?
Formality Shows seriousness by staying attached to the legal framework required by any certification process.

Solidity Projects the company’s interest to continue improving, by showing its permanent effort to improve day by day, as well as its commitment to one of the three pillars of sustainability -economic, social and environmental-.

Vanguard Shows that the company is constantly moving, improving and updating its services, in order to compete with the external demands in each one of the areas (economic, social and environmental).

Which certifications does Blue Marine have?
The certifications mentioned below are widely recognized worldwide. In addition, the company is a pioneer in obtaining recognition as an “Integrated Management System” in the new versions of the standards.