Blue Pioneer, to maintenance and inspection

In Blue Marine, the permanent maintenance, inspection and supervision of our fleet is essential to ensure a maximum quality service.

On December 8th, 2016, the Blue Pioneer vessel entered into dry dock, overhaul event that consists un the performance of an inspection and integral reconditioning to the vessel’s hull with the purpose of verifying its watertightness. Said procedure un performed every five years, in accordance with the international standard of the Classifying Houses.

For the referred maintenance program the Talleres Navales del Golfo shipyard was selected, located in the port of Veracruz, Mexico, which has the necessary infrastructure to attend vessels with Blue Pioneer’s characteristics, and greater. The execution of all the work was made under the coordination of Harren & Partner, a international company with more than 45 years of experience in the operation and maintenance of marine assets and naval artefacts.

The maintenance project was structured in three programs, with a total investment of 3.8 million dollars, from which the following work must be mentioned:

1.Overhaul Program of the Main of the Power Generators
This program involved the procurement of spare parts and maintenance to the four power generators (cylinder heads change, changing of injection pumps, changing of main metals and bench metals), everything under the supervision of specialized technicians from Phoenix, specialists in this type and model of power generators.

2. Dry Dock Program
This program involved the hull’s cleaning and painting, anticorrosive protection application with a five year scheme, replacement of the five Rolls Royce (model TT, TCP and AZP) propellers, maintenance to the beams, maintenance to the heliport and main deck areas, 10 year maintenance for the main control panels ABB brand, maintenance to the deep intakes and valves; replacement of steel from the hull, cleaning of the moon pool, replacement of filter supports and paint work to bulkheads and mezzanine, among others

3. Crane Program
This program involved the replacement of the Main NOV pistons, replacement of the auxiliary pistons seals, replacement of the connectors between the electric motor and the hydraulic pump; maintenance and replacement of the high and low pressure hydraulic lines, general oil change from all the hydraulic system and replacement of the main crane cabin supports, among others.
On January 3rd, of this year, the Blue Pioneer vessel exited the shipyard, completing its maintenance programs within a total of 26 days.