Everything you need to know about the Maresk Installer

Thanks to the commercial alliance between Blue Marine and Maersk Supply Service, the Maersk Installer, an Offshore Supply Vessel that will provide Stimulation and Induction of Wells in the Probe of Campeche. It arrived at the port of Dos Bocas on September 22, 2019. This vessel was designed to support operations in both shallow and deep water and is intended to provide interventions to marine wells and support the maintenance of Pemex marine facilities in the Gulf of Mexico.

This vessel is of the Stingray class, ships designed for underwater operation tasks, such as construction and installation, inspection and maintenance. In addition, this vessel is environmentally friendly, as it has low fuel consumption due to its electric diesel propulsion.

  1. It has a new generation DP 3 system
  2. It has a main crane capable of lifting up to 400 tons
  3. It also has an auxiliary crane that can fit up to 100 tons
  4. The free area on deck is 1,850 m2
  5. It can accommodate up to 100 people