Facts you should know about Aramara

Facts you should know about Aramara

Get to know this ship of BM Shipping, which offers offshore services.

1. Aramara is a specialized vessel for the inspection, repair and maintenance of offshore installations.

2. This fast-delivery vessel (FSV or Fast Supply Vessel) was built in Mexico in 2009, at the Naval and Industrial Services Shipyard commissioned by Blue Marine.

3. The dynamic positioning vessel has a length of 52 meters (2 tennis courts together!).

4. 60 members are part of its crew and has the capacity to store up to 83,279 liters of fuel.

5. It offers transportation services for personnel and cargo to support offshore facilities in the Gulf of Mexico with Pemex Exploration and Production.

6. Currently, it is promoted to support offshore services with Pemex and various companies in the sector.