Facts you should know about Chicontepec

Facts you should know about Chicontepec

Meet this vessel of the tanker family, created to transport raw oil and liquefied gases, among other liquids.

1. This imposing tanker is “a container” destined to the transport raw oil and its derivatives.

2. Its work, among others, is to distribute heavy oil from maritime terminals to the Pacific ports of Mexico.

3. Tankers are the largest vessels that sail the world’s seas; there is even one of them measuring 500 m in length!

4. The Chicontepec has a sleeve of 32.5 m and a length of 183.2 m, which is equivalent to two and a half Boeing 747 together!

5. It was built in 2006 at the Hyundai Mipo Dockyard Co., in Ulsan, South Korea.

6. It is currently in contract with Pemex and is part of the Blue Marine Shipping fleet.