<em>Fondo de Becas ReconoceR</em> and <em>Durandco Fundación</em> promote education

Fondo de Becas ReconoceR and Durandco Fundación promote education

At Grupo Durandco, we are aware of the importance of education as a mean of self-improvement and personal and professional development.

Therefore, through Durandco Fundación, we have joined an initiative that seeks to promote quality education for migrant men and women in a vulnerable state.

Fondo de Becas ReconoceR, led by Alejandro González Iñárritu, is a project that emerged in 2017, which – in alliance with the University of Monterrey – supports young people of different nationalities and scarce resources, with the objective of studying a professional career in a quality institution with the proper dignified treatment and support they need to achieve their dreams.

Currently, the program has given eight scholarships that have transformed the lives of young migrants “destined to live in invisibility, without rights, and in complete humiliation”, as the Director and Film Producer assures.

For Grupo Durandco, being benefactors in this project fills us with motivation and enthusiasm. One more reason to continue working for a reality with more possibilities for young people in Mexico and the world.

Go to https://becasreconocer.org for the complete initiative.