Blue Marine Mares Foundation: Welcome aboard!

Blue Marine Mares Foundation: Welcome aboard!

At Grupo Durandco we are pride of ourselves by promoting, through comprehensive scholarships, the dreams of young Mexicans interested in the naval field who, with effort and dedication, are working to complete their studies.

Last Friday April 13, 2018, with the support of the Blue Marine Mares Foundation, the students Iván Matías Sánchez Petrikowski and Juan Velázquez Hernández, boarded one of our boats, the Blue Pioneer, in Ciudad del Carmen, Campeche, Mexico, with the objective of starting their professional practices offshore.

Once they completed them successfully, both can obtain the pass to their respective qualification exams. Their stays include four phases of three months at sea for one month on land, until the assigned voyages are covered.

Dreams and education in the open sea

For Juan Velázquez Hernández, 24 years old and student of the Merchant Nautical School of Veracruz Cap. De Altura Fernando Siliceo y Torres, searching for the title of Pilot Engineer Geographer has always been one of his great desires.

For his part, Iván Matías Sánchez Petrikowski, seeks to be named as an Official Mechanical Naval Engineer of machines. Originally from Salina Cruz, Oaxaca, Mexico, he studied at the Merchant Nautical School of Tampico Cap. Al. Luis Gonzaga Priego González.

Both stays at sea will include permanent advice from experts in the field, who will share with students their knowledge of seamanship, use of navigation support equipment and security systems (fire and other risk episodes), as well as protection of human life and the environment, to mention some of the activities that will be carried out by those selected. Definitely, a unique experience that will enrich their professional lives.

Energy that drives talent

Through this type of initiative, Grupo Durandco intensifies the commitment to the new generations of men and women fully committed to their professional training.

Soon, we will welcome on board two excellent students who, through the Foundation, will carry out their professional practices in the open sea.

Congratulations and welcome on board!