Kick Off 2018, an event that has created bonds and strengths

Kick Off 2018, an event that has created bonds and strengths

Our first Kick Off 2018, was recently held and it was organized by Finance VP. This event had the purpose to present the objectives for this year, all in the framework of an experience of simulations of living challenges. It was a success, and here we will tell you why:

The appointment was at Villa Alpina, Estate of México, the past January 19 and 20. Conducted in conjunction with Grupo Empresarial Carsolio, around 50 people participated in this activity. The assistants made amusing dynamics that included ramps and mountaineering, among other activities. Among the scheduled topics, it was highlighted the importance of reflection and integration as a primary way for development in the workplace.

For Blue Marine its people have always been very important. That is why we are proud to share with you the results of this initiative in which all our collaborators showed great attitude and energy. We are fully convinced that their talent and skills are of great benefit to the company. That is why, among our short-term plans, it is important to extend this experiential invitation to other areas of the organization, in order to focus our energy to become always better.

We share with you some testimonies of the participants:

“Knowing other employees, people with whom I didn’t have contact with, despite being from the Finance Area, convinced me that I should give my 100%, as well as having a better attitude towards others; I think we will all work to a greater or lesser extent. This dynamic will help the company to identify what things we should improve or correct as a team and also individually”. –Miguel Rodriguez, Treasurer

“Knowing people from other areas in a personal way and having contact with them in other activities outside of work, was a learning lesson that I know will improve my communication”. –Tania Buenrostro, Financial Analyst

“For me it was very important, because I spend time with people from other areas that I only knew by e-mail; there was a lot of communication, I liked the dynamics and it helped me to be empathic with other areas. I already have clear objectives, both personal and work, and to be able to give the best for the company”. –Avilene Pascal, Capturist Assistant (Cd. del Carmen)