Seventh Meeting of SSPA-PEMEX contractors

The most attended event of the year

On July 29, 2019, Subtec served as host of the Seventh Contractors meeting on Quality Assurance and Control, Safety, Health at Work and Environmental Protection, following the invitation of the Infrastructure Project Supervision Management Strategic and the Sub-Directorate of Strategic Exploitation Projects.

The focus of this meeting was to mention the particularities of the Geophysical Survery and Geothecnical Studies Services, an interesting topic, which kept the attendees attentive until the end, counting as an exhibitor Oce. Francisco Espinoza Díaz.

The business lines available to the Durandco Industrial Group by Ing. José Ignacio Farias Rodriguez were disseminated briefly but concisely. The advances of our Integrated Management System, the statistics of HSE and the certifications that are available and that support us as a company committed to QHSE where mentioned by Ing. Jorge Luis Norberto Prieto.

It is worth mentioning that it has been the busiest meeting from beginning to end. Profepa and Demar companies participated with topics of interest in the matter.