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Our History


Incorporation and commencement of operations of IMPRESUB de México S.A. de C.V.

The origin of this adventure started in 1998, with a company specialized in sub-aquatic services for the Offshore oil industry. IMPRESUB de México, S.A. de C.V. was founded by the brothers Juan and Alfredo Reynoso Durand, two Mexican entrepreneurs, who united their talent and vision with IMPRESUB Italia (leader in submarine inspection, pipe dredging and platform clean-up, among other activities). That year they commence operations in the services sector in the Sonda de Campeche region in Mexico.


Group’s first project.

The inspection of the oil industry facilities is obtained with the support of a ROV for a company named Global de México S.A. de C.V. This project represented the commencement of operations, integrating diving processes and vessels with cutting-edge technology for the benefit of our client, which concluded with the successful installation of submarine piping.


Our first DP vessel, Normand Rover, arrives to Mexico.

As a response to our alliance with Nor-Ocean Offshore AS (a leading world wide vessel brokerage company), the vessel was brought to the country, specialized in construction, maintenance, diving, inspection and positioning. For its advanced technology, this vessel fronted the standards within the Mexican oil and gas industry, causing the standards to be elevated and equivalent to those of the North Sea industry.



IMPRESUB de México S.A. de C.V. transforms into Blue Marine Technology Offshore Services S.A. de C.V.

This year has a significant importance for the Company, since different disciplines and business units are integrated under one brand that symbolizes our efficiency and competitiveness, at the same time as maintaining a profound respect and compromise with the preservation of the environment.


Entry into the tankers market.

The company entered into the refined products freight market, as well as crude tanker market, as a result of a strategic alliance with one of the world leading tanker companies, Torm.


Leader in the costal trade freight market in Mexico.

Blue Marine consolidates itself with the operation of a fleet of 10 tanker vessels between 47k DWT and 53k DWT better known as MR tankers. With this it becomes one of the companies with the biggest fleets in the Mexican Merchant Marine public registry. Consequently, it increases its operations in several disciplines, such as: Marine Operation and Maintenance, Vessel Specialized Logistics; Class Certifications and Marine Safety and Specialized Crew Management, Vessel Import and Export, among others.


Entry in the fire deterrent vessels and oils spill recollection.

The company adds one more vessel to its fleet: Havila Charisma, specialized in fighting fires and recollecting oil spills.

First FPSO in the Gulf of Mexico.

Blue Marine, in conjunction with BW Offshore, become partners for the construction of a FPSO (Foating Production Storage and Offloading unit) at the Sembawang shipyard in Singapore. It is by far the most ambitious, and greatest magnitude project in the company’s history. Within 18 months, Señor de los Mares (Yùum K’Ak’ Náab, its name in Mayan) was built, a unique unit in respect to its dimensions and capacities, designed to develop one of the main heavy crude oil production facilities (the Ku Maloob Zaap oil deposit), with a capacity to process up to 600 thousand barrels of crude oil per day and store up to 2.2 million barrels within its storage tanks.


Agreement with BP.

A five-year agreement to work for British Petroleum in the North Sea is obtained, by means of an alliance with Canyon Offshore. Blue Marine renders deep waters dredging services with the Island Pioneer vessel, becoming one of the few Mexican companies to work outside Mexico. Dozens of workers participated in this project elevating the county’s name as well as its qualified labor force.

Agreement with PVDSA in the Maracaibo Lake.

Blue Marine obtains an agreement with PVDSA to lay flexible piping with the support of the dynamic positioning vessel BOA Rover in the Maracaibo Lake, Venezuela.


Acquisition of shares in the Norwegian Company Island Offshore.

As part of its expansion strategy, Blue Marine acquires 33% of the Island Pioneer AS, a corporation owned by two world leaders in the specialized shipping sector Ulstein Group (Norway) y Edison Chouest (USA). With this it obtains and international recognition within the industry and access to the operational technology and processes of specialized vessels.

Vessel construction in Mexico for the first time in 30 years.

A stake for Mexico that kick-starts the local naval construction industry, having been practically at a standstill for more than three decades. Blue Marine orders the construction of two FSIV vessels from the Strategic Marine shipyard in Mazatlan, Sinaloa. This project was completely financed by Blue Marine, being the only company in the oil industry to do so, to this date.


Subsea 7 de México.

Blue Marine and the giant Subsea 7 International consolidate their alliance with the incorporation of Subsea 7 de México S.A. de C.V. Anticipating the eminent opening of the oil sector in our country. A new player is positioned, with the purpose of making viable the most sophisticated and complex projects, for the extraction, production and transportation of crude oil in deep waters. With this alliance, we have a world class support in disciplines such as design and detailed engineering, multipurpose vessels to support ultradeep waters labor, of more than 3 thousand meters.


Blue Marine Mares Foundation. 

In accordance with our principles and values, the company creates the Blue Marine Mares Foundation with the purpose of supporting ecological, and marine flora and fauna preservation projects, as well as supporting young men and women who intend to develop themselves within the naval sector, with education scholarships.

Alliance with Schlumberger.

Blue Marine consolidates itself in the production floating units market by an alliance with a the world leading company Schlumberger. Jointly they participate in the Cristal Ocean project, a vessel specialized in production, storage and discharge of crude oil.


Placement of the first note in the Norwegian market.

Blue Marine places through the Norwegian investment bank Pareto, a five year first lien bond loan for an amount of 62.5 million dollars for the acquisition of the Blue Pioneer vessel. The placement was very successful, since it was made in less than 72 hours and it was 100% acquired by an investment fund, demonstrating a high rate of interest from the financial market.


Blue Marine INCA.

By following up with its expansion plan, Blue Marine wins a project to separate, store and transport heavy crude oil in the Z1 field in northern Peru for Pacific Rubiales. As a result Blue Marine Inca is incorporated, based in Lima, Peru.


Consolidation in the Offshore facilities maintenance market.

After having worked for more than 6 years in conjunction with Kanfa, Inocean and Olsen, the engineering and construction of multipurpose vessels is determined, for the simultaneous maintenance and repair of oil wells.

Within the industry, the company concludes the design engineering of the Blue Eagle vessel. With this engineering the vessels of the future will be built, that will serve as leaders in the oil wells maintenance and repair industry. The first vessel is contemplated to start construction in 2017.

Rescue in Pemex Platform.
Before the accident suffered by PEMEX in 2015 at the Abkatún Alfa production platform, Blue Marine was one of the first to react by sending several vessels to complete fire fighting work and rescue more than 20 people.


Notwithstanding the market’s conditions, Blue Marine – along with the Mexican Company Typhoon Offshore, owned by Grupo Salinas –, invest in bringing to the county the most advances multipurpose vessel: Far Sentinel. With this investment, we will continue to render first class services, characterized by their quality, promptness and tangible profitability.


Consolidation and expansion of the Group.

Grupo Industrial Durandco is consolidated with the acquisition of 60% of the Blue Marine Technology Group, Blue Marine Capital and its subsidiaries. In addition to this, the companies Durandco Corporate Engineering, Durandco Operations, Durandco Logistics and Durandco Bio are founded. All, specialized business units that reinforce us as a Group to continue offering high technology services and maximum quality.

More actions of the Foundation.

We strengthen ties with the Patronage of the Museum of Natural History of Mexico City, in order to promote the diffusion of exhibitions inside the Ocean and Sea Room Collections of the newly remodeled enclosure.