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Is one of the most important maritime transportation companies in Mexico. We offer a range of specialized services for the energy industry, both in Mexico and international waters. Our main objective is the profitability of our clients.

Our strength is based on the integration of state of the art vessels and specialized equipment Our vessels help our clients to achieve a high level of service and in line with our values: safety, innovation, efficiency and respect of the environment. Our operation governed by strict procurement and regulatory control, comprising across the value chain and the development in the industry.

Our commitment is to permanently develop solutions for each of our markets. For this, we have implemented innovative strategies that transform us into a partner within our client’s projects and not only as a supplier. In other words, we involve ourselves and we are aligned with the same goals as our clients at all times.

The power of the alliances is our philosophy since the company was created, hencesynergies have been developed with firms that share our vision, service culture and technological development. With this, we have reevaluated our service systems and processes with the best practices in the industry.

Harren & Partner as part of our philosophy, Blue Marine Shipping, S.A. de C.V. and Harren & Partner (a leading German ship management company ), constituted a technical operations alliance.

With the permanent administration of more than 100 vessels across the world and with more than 30 years of experience, Harren & Partner has offices in Germany, Singapore, Mexico, Bahamas, United States, Jamaica and Peru, we have been able to optimize our operations in the following areas:

  • Naval technical maintenance
  • Risk and insurance management
  • Crew management and training
  • Technical inspection, dry dock programming and procurement
  • National and international procurement
  • IT services
  • Vessel flagging and registry procurement services
  • Safety and quality certifications procurement services
  • Logistics, agency, guard changes and labor permits
  • Commissary services

Nor-Ocean Offshore AS y Arctic Securities both Norwegan companies – leading companies in the vessel brokerage and financing services worldwide – Blue Marine Shipping maintains an alliance of more than 20 years and more than 60 different specialties vessels that service our clients.